I worked as a 3D Generalist on Walt Disney World's Finding Nemo: The Big Blue...And Beyond stage show. For this show, I 3D modeled, textured, rigged, and animated over 50 unique assets including custom fish, plants, rocks, and various marine life. 
I also worked with my team to bring this show to life via Unreal Engine, where we composited the full show for the massive LED screen that was incorporated with the performers on stage. Utilizing Unreal Engine's real-time rendering, we were able to test and adjust show files in the venue prior to rendering out full sequences. I had the opportunity to drive these real-time changes in the field during content integration. 
At the time, it was a new tool for our team and I was able to help lead the research and development of its utilization in our department. We also developed custom projections for the rest of the theater and rear projections for the bubbles on the sides of the stage. In all, my team created over 30 minutes of custom show content across three unique surfaces.
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